Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yoga on the pier to start the day and Mayan coffee to end

I started the day by going to the fitness center after breakfast and found some great new tunes on my ipod so I got inspired and decided to go for a short run on the beach. It's alot harder to run on sand and I didn't make it too far, but it was still very enjoyable. After I was done running, I was at a neat little pier in front of our resort so I walked to the end and thought, "Hmmmm......this would be a cool place to do I thought.........I'm gonna do Yoga. I mean, I can't look that stupid and I don't know anyone here." However we did run into some people from Gardner that we know on the airplane." Marty and I spent the middle part of the day next to the pool in a lounge chair. We expected our friends Debbie and Terry around 4 p.m. so at about 2:30, we decided to get massages at the little shack on the beach. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! So about 3:30, being so relaxed after our massage, we were half out of it and we went to the lobby to wait for Debbie and Terry to arrive from the shuttle from the airport. I need to download some pics. The lobby here is incredible. I'm too tired to describe it tonight, but I promise to take some pics and download them tomorrow. Debbie and Terry arrived, a little bit tired but with good news about his bone scan and mri. No cancer in his bones or anywhere else. It is only in his prostrate and he plans to be very agressive because his father passed away from prostate cancer. He wants to have surgery before the end of the year so they will get that scheduled asap. We gave them a short tour of the resort, since this is our 2nd visit here and they fell in love with it, just like we did when we came this past January. We had some appetizers and lounged in the preferred club for a little bit then went to get ready for dinner. We went to Bordeaux, the French restaurant. Very good and the guys were a little overly fascinated by the guy that was making the flaming Mayan coffee. So we had to have some of that after dinner. The guys bought a couple Cuban cigars (LOL) and we walked down to the beach. I showed D & T Jupiter but did confess that I knew that because of my google sky map app. They were still pretty impressed I think. We walked down to the beach and sat in some lounge chairs. The moon was about 3/4 full and the moonlight on the Caribbean was spectacular. After that it was time to head up to our rooms and recoop for the next day. Couldn't resist sitting in the jacuzzi on the balcony again and now I'm ready to turn in. Believe it or not, Marty made it to about 11 p.m. I know Allison will be impressed. Okay, big day tomorrow. Probably walking to Puerto Morelos, about 1 mile down the beach. I'll update again tomorrow night. I can say I love all my readers, Okay, my Mom is my only official follower, but I know my sister Kathryn, read my blog last night too. Have to learn how to invite people or whatever. Later, Jen

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