Thursday, May 24, 2012


Heading to Cancun next month

We just booked a family vacation to Cancun.  We will be traveling June 14th - 20th so I thought I should write a post about preparing for the trip.  Everyone except Marty and I need passports so I am going to give some info on getting passports.

This time, we won't be just landing at the airport and heading out of Cancun.  This time we are staying on the hotel strip in Cancun at the brand new Riu Palace Cancun Peninsula.

Alisha and Jerad and Haylee had to get new passports but Shelby's was a little more challenging because she already had one that had expired.  I went to the post office and they gave me an application and the location of three post offices that could help us with Shelby's passport.

  We ended up going to a completely different location then they had given us.  Long story short, call and ask someone and then call someone else and double check with them.

Everyone got their passports this week so we are set to go!


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